Monday, December 22, 2014

"Philosophical 2015"

I enjoy spending large amounts of time contemplating the human condition. Some questions I've asked myself for years are:

1. What have we learned over the last couple of centuries?
2. What can we learn (and unlearn) from past generations?
3. Why do we have a monetary system?
4. Why doesn't our monetary system work to evenly provide resources to everyone as opposed to falsely reward those who "deserve it" through "hard work" while denying others?
5. Why do some seem to value work more than family?

You get the picture...

Rather than trying to answer these questions that many will debate, usually for their own benefit or self-gratification, I feel it necessary to lay out my "commandments" for 2015. You can call them New Year's Resolutions if you like but I consider them core values that will keep me on track for the rest of my life.

1. Find ways to consume less, not more.
2. Free yourself from wage slavery by rejecting debt.
3. Free yourself from material items, you don't need many.
4. Competition is absurd, seek cooperation.
5. Branding in the name of selling a product is also absurd, resist marketing and advertising.
6. Avoid "manufactured drama" or other distractions that keep you from focusing on your spiritual concerns.
7. Enhance the planet, grow something, because it is beautiful.
8. You owe the earth and nature a great debt because it created you and it will soon take you back.
9. Employment/work/jobs are only what they are. Do not jeopardize your own health or that of others for them. If you do, you are a fool.
10. Focus yourself on the well being and health of yourself and others, not on your own selfish concerns.
11. Enforcement of laws is generally done by those who comes from the lower economic levels of society. The masses hold the power!
12. Nature is the evidence that a divine spirit does exist. How you treat it, determines how good of a person you truly are.
13. Every household should own a gun.
14. Anarchy should be the only law, with a few basic principles.
15. Avoid using titles, in the future they should be dropped from usage to level out our individual importance in society.

Hope you enjoyed!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Couchbase Server + Retrieve records since a given date/time

For one of my current projects I need to be able to query for documents since a "last retrieved" date/time. To do this I created a simple view using the convenient function "dateToArray". I included Id in the key to ensure that I get a result per unique document.

The view:

function (doc, meta) {
  if(doc.Type == "Account") {
    emit([dateToArray(doc.LastModifiedDate), doc.Id], doc.Id);  

To get the proper results I first needed to sort descending, then choose a valid start key. This will give me all of the documents since 10/16/2014. Enjoy!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Food, shelter, and safety. ..

...are rights,  not privileges. The earth has plenty of resources to provide all three. The problem is that we've allowed greedy or misguided people to benefit by controlling these resources. Any resource aside from what one requires to survive should be taken away and given to someone without that resource.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I am cross platform...

I run Windows 8 in a Parallels VM on Mac OS X Mavericks. I develop software using Visual Studio in Windows 8, Xamarin Studio on Mac OS X, XCode on Mac OS X, and I heavily rely on Sublime Text for cross platform development.

Did I mention I develop with NodeJS on Ubuntu Linux and I administrate Couchbase Server running on Ubuntu Linux in a cluster on the Azure Cloud?

I am cross platform.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Power of Introverts

I watched this a couple years ago, but I had forgotten about it.

This is beautiful.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Xamarin is cool, but it isn't ready yet...

I have spent the last three days learning Xamarin. I have had some huge successes such as setting up navigation, storing data via Couchbase Lite, and sharing code among platforms. The biggest disappointment so far surrounds authentication. I followed an example ( but I have been unable to get Google auth or Facebook auth working with it for iOS (both work for Android). The feedback in the forums is lackluster at best. Lots of good questions, but very few decent answers. It looks like most of the time questions are left laying around rather than being responded to.

Auth is a basic function these days, and good community feedback is vital for learning these tools, if you cannot provide both of these you are simply not ready to be used on a large scale.

I will try again in six months.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dumb people...

...will complicate the most simple things.